Some proposals for the HSF logo

First proposal

The following are contributions for a proposed HSF logo. Each logo is shown in various versions, a full size one, and fixed size (the same for all) to allow comparison.

If you are not registered to WikiToLearn or you do not have time to learn how to upload your contribution, you can submit it by e-mail to:


We will post it here on your behalf.

Authors, so far, are:

  • Riccardo Iaconelli
  • Dario Menasce
  • Marta Mato
  • Joschka Lingemann

Here are the entries in order of submission:

R. Iaconelli (original) HSF-1big.png

R. Iaconelli (Variation: inverse colour) HSF-1big-inverse.png

R. Iaconelli (Icon versions) HSF-small.png

D. Menasce (Puzzle, version 1) PuzzleLogo3-300px.png

D. Menasce (Key) LogoWithKey-300px.png

D. Menasce (Rings, version 1) Logo1-300px.png

D. Menasce (Rings, version 2) Logo2-300px.png

D. Menasce (Puzzle, version 2) Logo3-300px.png

D. Menasce (Half Moon) Staggered-300px.png

D. Menasce (Digits, version 1) Digits-300px.png

D. Menasce (Digits, version 2) DigitsIntertwined-300px.png

M. Mato (original) HSF-MartaMatoLogo.png

(File: HSF-MartaMatoLogoBW.png; Author: Marta Mato Vila (monochromatic version)) HSF-MartaMatoLogoBW.png

Joschka Lingemann (Angled) HSF-JLingemann-angled.png

Joschka Lingemann (Arrows) HSF-JLingemann-logo-arrows.png

Joschka Lingemann (Black Red) HSF-JLingemann-logo-black-red.png

Joschka Lingemann (Blue) HSF-JLingemann-logo-blue.png

Sarah and Liz Kennedy (Horizontal theme) Sarah-Liz-Kennedy-H-300px.png

Sarah and Liz Kennedy (Vertical theme) Sarah-Liz-Kennedy-V-300px.png