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This site is currently under construction. As such, teaching material can appear and disappear without further advance notice. Thanks for your understanding (even the logo is temporary, pending a contest).


What is HSF and what this site is meant to[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

The High Energy Physics Software Foundation is evaluating WikiFM as a platform for providing high quality training in computing techniques to students, bridging the existing gap between University level teaching in this discipline and what is actually required in a real research activity.

Scope of the present infrastructure is to provide an efficient support to would-be teachers to make their material available to a large community. In this inital phase the material posted in these pages is very preliminary and is not intended to be made available to students, but rather to explore the strenghts and weaknesses of the platform in order to provide feedback to developers to make it fully compliant with what the scientific community believes is needed.

Some proposals for the HSF logo

A brief introduction

Basic training

Training by examples